As a big fan of soccer, I am extremely glad that I managed to convince my grandkids to take up this great sport. Now, I have to take them every Saturday to practice and I must say that the experience is pretty awesome. While I am not exactly fond of the idea of watching from the sidelines, I know that my presence matters and that they feel better knowing that I am there and that I am rooting for them. There are so many great advantages for kids practicing soccer that I am really content with the fact that I discovered my passion for this sport, even if it was later in life. While I can never think of going professional, they may even consider such a career if they are really good at kicking the ball.


One thing that I like about soccer is that it greatly improves fitness levels. There is so little physical activity for kids these days, that there is no wonder that they turn up obese and lacking energy to do anything productive. During soccer practice, my grandkids get to run a lot, so they become more agile and fit. Even their parents are noticing the change and they are glad that they no longer have to think about ways on how to motivate their kids to move more.

Soccer teaches discipline and there are some great role models out there that my kids are really mad about. I suppose that it comes to no surprise that they all love Cristiano Ronaldo. I even watched a documentary about the soccer player’s life together with them, and I expected them to grow bored after less than 10 minutes. On the contrary, they stayed and watched with me, and by the end, I could not get them off me, as they wanted to start their soccer practice on the spot. I know that they are only kids and that they may not go for professional soccer, but I strongly believe that the lessons they are learning in this manner will never be forgotten.


What I have also noticed during Saturday practice is that my grandkids find it easier to make new friends. In school, there are so many rivalries, and kids do not value friendship today as we used to back in the days. In soccer, on the other hand, it is important to be part of a team, so you should not overlook the importance of creating strong bonds with the others.

I think that there are many other things kids may learn from soccer practice, but this is just the beginning. I know that I will be taking them to practice each Saturday and that I will greatly enjoy watching their progress.


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