Even though I am officially retired from flying, I still find myself “up in the sky”. I have kept my pilot’s license current, and part of this requires me to spend so much time in the air. If I ever need an excuse to get back in the cockpit, the simple fact that it is required by law ensures that I don’t have to worry about getting stuck on the ground.


Some people have asked me why I love flying so much, and my standard answer of “I always have” never seems to satisfy them. To finally answer this question, and hopefully never have it asked again I’ve given it a little thought and this is what I’ve decided.


First of all there is the sheer excitement of being in the air. Flying is different than riding in a hot air balloon, regardless of the size of the plane. You are in complete control, not dependent on air currents, and I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning the speed. That is a feeling that simply cannot be described, unless you’ve had the opportunity to sit in the pilot’s seat. Trust me when I say it is addictive, which is probably why I keep finding myself up in the air.


Flying is also incredibly peaceful, especially if you are solo. It is a great time to think and reflect on things that are important. I’ve solved some of the biggest problems in my life when I was flying from one airport to another. No matter where you are flying there are also some incredible views. One of my favorite trips took me over the Grand Canyon, and it is truly spectacular when it is viewed from the air. Sunsets are also amazing, especially when the skies are clear.



Another reason I have always loved flying is its history, which I find fascinating. My hero has always been Charles Lindbergh, along with the Wright brothers. What really amazes me is how far we’ve come in aviation, considering a little over 100 years ago the Kitty Hawk was just taking off. Since then Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and countless others have set world records and accomplished astonishing feats. I’ve always been proud to be in the same profession as all of my boyhood heros.


So now you know why I have always loved flying, and still do. Even though I am happily retired I still look forward to spending several more years up in the air.

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