My name is Alex Wagner, and I’m a retired pilot and flight instructor. I have decided to create a blog about how anyone can become a pilot. Aside from my flying experiences and even mishaps, I’ll also document my sports and exercise routines given that I’m looking forward to getting back in shape.



One of the first things that I was able to do in order to look and feel better was to join my friends’ soccer team. The neat thing about our group is that it’s composed of lots of family and buddies I’ve known from high school, so playing soccer becomes a wonderful pastime as I can even bring over my grandchildren and explain to them the basics of the game. From what I’ve gathered, little boys can do with as much exercise as possible given that many of them tend to become overweight these days, when fast food is everywhere around us.

It goes without saying that, to avoid getting injured during the game, I had to buy some equipment. I didn’t have to spend any money getting a ball, but I found that I did need some good soccer shoes. I don’t tend to get hurt on the field, but you can’t be too safe, can you? That’s why I even bought a nice pair of soccer guards. I like using this kind of equipment especially when my grandchildren are watching me play. This way, they’ll learn that you shouldn’t exercise without being protected all the time.

While I’m not a big fan of soccer championships, I’ve noticed that the same field is being used by other teams and I came up with the idea of proposing a challenge. If every player contributed with just ten bucks, we could play against each other so that the winning team gets all the money. I had to think of this reward because otherwise, I really don’t know if the other teams would have joined our local ‘championship’.



I try to explain to my grandkids that, while winning is great and gives you confidence in the long run, it’s not the only thing in life to look forward to. If you’re ambitious enough, you can achieve anything. That’s what my training does for me as it helps both with my physical shape and with the results we’ll be getting when we’ll play against another team.

I hope you’ll enjoy my experiences as I will be documenting them further on in many posts. Also, I’ll tell you some of the basic measures you can take in order to become an amateur or professional pilot.